07 February, 2015

Free Kit lm040215

A change from flowers!  Cute and cuddly kittens for you to play with.

Direct Download with 4Shared

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Virginia said...

This kit is so absolutely adorable! Can't wait to make some wonderful cards with it. Thank you so much.

Elise said...

Right now my cat is sitting on a shelf above my computer and I am expecting her to make a leap for the screen at any moment. I am saying "Nooo!" but she is still considering it.

Thanks for these two cuties...Elise

MammaMia said...

You are a real artist. Excuse my bad English. I love your work. Especially the wonderful flowers and background.
Thank you so much Lesley.

Mats World said...

1 of my kitty is sitting here watching me download these awesome gifts...LOL! Thanks so much for this one! Love it! Hugs, Mat

Unknown said...

You have some great items here. I was referred by a previous user. So glad she sent your information. Love the kitties. Kay