20 April, 2013

Free Kit lm032613

For Virginia, who likes lilacs.  And for those who would like to make their own fancy frames.

19 April, 2013

Free Borders Pack 4

Last border pack.  Some of these kind of glow if you put them on a dark background.

18 April, 2013

Free Border Pack 3

The next border pack, the others are below.  Did you try recolouring them?  Have fun!

16 April, 2013

Free Borders Pack 2

The second of my cupboard clearing borders packs.  These respond so well to colourchanging. Try it!

15 April, 2013

Free Borders Pack 1

I have been cleaning out the cupboard.  I thought you might like these borders for your projects.  I have made four packs and this is number one.

14 April, 2013

Free Kit lm032613

By layering and using your imagination you can do so much with frames.  Try out this kit and these examples.

12 April, 2013

Free Kit lm032413

We have a large frangipani tree in our front garden and the perfume of the flowers greets us when we arrive home. Enjoy these.

11 April, 2013

Free kit lm032313

Silver lace and white daisies for the wedding of the year!  Is there one in your family?

08 April, 2013

Free Kit lm032213

For your asian holiday snaps!  These umbrellas are so pretty that you could use them for anything from holidays to birthdays.

03 April, 2013

Free Kit lm031713

White lilies and irises, so pretty.  As always there is more in this kit than shown here, check it out.