29 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062812

Tulips are so gorgeous aren't they?  These would make bright cheery cards.  14 papers, 6 frames and of course the tulips and words.  Enjoy.

All kits are free and so are "thank yous"

28 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062612

A flower we mostly overlook - the clover!  11 papers, 5 frames plus the flowers!  Happy scrapping!

All kits are and so are "thank yous"

27 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062512

Lilies and gilt frames to brighten your day.  17 papers and 9 frames, plus lilies.  see what you can do with them.

All kits are free and so are "thank yous"

26 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062412

For the "Greenies" amongst us!  Ferns and ferneries are so tranquil don't you think?  In this kit there are 11 hi res papers, 6 frames and 4 elements.  What you see is just a sample.

All kits are free and so are "thank yous"

25 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062312

Layer these frames for lots of different looks.  20 hi res papers, 7 frames and 4 elements.

Don't forget to say thank you, it does help to make it worthwhile!

24 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062212

This one might be a bit bright for some, but it would be great for cards!  It is getting very cold here now as we are well into Winter.  Still have bright blue skies and sun though!

21 June, 2012

Free Kit lm062112

Orchids to grace your pages.  14 papers and 6 frames all hi res and co-ordinating.  Have fun!

Remember ALL kits are free, and so are "thank yous"!

20 June, 2012

Free Kit lm061912

Make something pretty for one of your special friends.  12 papers and 10 elements.

17 June, 2012

Free Kit lm061712

I don't really know what these flowers are, but I thought the sketch was pretty.  There are 16 papers in the kit and 6 frames.

13 June, 2012

Free Kit lm061312

Pretty pastels and elegant gold lilies!  Extra papers and frames, not shown.

10 June, 2012

Free Kit lm061012

For Cindy, who asked so nicely - and for her friend who will reach a spectacular milestone!  This kit contains 18 frames of different colours with gilt and mother of pearl.  Also 14 papers both coloured and sepia with 17 elements to match.  Have fun, Cindy!

07 June, 2012

Free Kit lm060712

I wonder if you would like these to personalize your pages or cards.  You can always recolour them to your liking.

05 June, 2012

Free Kit lm060512

Sherri asked me for some lockets.  Now I do hope these will be what she would like.  Some you can add a photo if you want or maybe some words.  Make something special with them.

04 June, 2012

Free Kit lm060412

A small quick kit, it has been a busy weekend.  Thanks to GrannyArt again.  Cheers.

03 June, 2012

Free Kit lm060312

These flowers made by GrannyArt inspired me to make this kit for you.  Please use it to make something beautiful for someone you love.  There are 13 papers and 10 elements contained in the kit.