28 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022713

Quite a selection of frames in this kit, all co ordinated to the papers. Have fun with it.

27 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022613

Are you tired of flowers yet?  I'm not, so here is another one.  This time in Aussie colours of green and gold.

26 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022513

I love these gilt frames and I hope you do too.  And fresh flowers are always gorgeous.

25 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022413

More flowers to celebrate the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Downunder it is still super hot and we are looking forward to Autumn.

24 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022313

It isn't tulip time here but I am sure it must be near a lot of you!  Lots of rain here and some more floods. That is Australia for you - bushfires one day, floods the next! Never a dull moment.

23 February, 2013

Free Kit lm022213

Our garden has many azaleas and when they are in bloom it is just gorgeous.  Hope you like them too.

22 February, 2013

Free Kit lm021913

No chasing butterflies here today...pouring rain!  Very heavy tropical downpours, with galeforce winds.  Not much fun to try to venture outside.  So the butterflies are safe today.

21 February, 2013

19 February, 2013

17 February, 2013

Free Kit lm021613

Friendship is something we just can't do without, don't you think?

16 February, 2013

Quick Page lm021513b

A Quick Page for those who need a quick fix!

Download Here 

Free Kit lm021513

Little girls just love a bedtime story.  Kit contains 11 papers and 8 elements.

15 February, 2013

Free Kit lm021313

Can Spring not come quick enough for you?  It is hot and humid here, so I am looking forward to cooler weather.

Thank you for all your comments, they are much appreciated.

14 February, 2013

Free Kit lm021113

Do you have some photos that it is about time you scrapped?  Well use this kit. 13 papers, 6 elements.

If you choose to download, then remember to say thank you

11 February, 2013

Free Kit lm021213

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your valentines!  Kit contains 11 papers and 9 elements.

Please remember to leave a comment, I love to read what you have to say.

09 February, 2013

Free Kit lm020903

This kit contains 14 papers and 9 elements all ready for you to party with!