17 February, 2015

Free Kit lm170215

Peace is such a precious commodity, just not enough of it!  Hope you all find your share.

Direct Download with 4Shared

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Christine Marie - kamou said...

Hello Lesley.
it is a pity, since today I can not download your beautiful kit.
Since 2012, I never had problems.
In "Direct Download Mediafir with" one must now also login
as in "Direct Download with 4Shared"
There seem so many advertising messages, it is very confusin.
Kind Regards
Christine Marie - kamou

Virginia said...

Soft colors with a gentle sentiment - a perfect combination. Thank you so much.

Christine Marie - kamou said...

Now the direct link "Direct download with Mediafire"
works just as before.
Many Thanks.

Sister Reimers said...

I am so happy to see you back online again. I have always loved your kits!!