29 February, 2012

Free Kit lm030112

Good old fashioned roses always look beautiful.  More papers than shown and more frames as well.  These are 200 dpi for those who are interested.

Well the rain is slowly falling, not much drama at the moment.  Possibly we will miss the worst where we are, so that is good.  Our dams are almost full and may spill over if we get huge amounts of rainfall.  Seems odd that last year we were in drought!  Oh well, that's Australia for you!

28 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022912

Another 300 dpi kit for those who would like.  Tell me if they are too big for you or if you would prefer something else.  There aren't as many papers in these kits, but there are more frames than shown.

Expecting big storms here tonight and for the next few days.  Floods are anticipated and some towns have been evacuated.  It is predicted that they will be the most significant in decades.  Keep your fingers crossed that they are wrong!

27 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022812

I had a request from Betty for a hi res kit, 300dpi.  Here is a quick one, hope it is what she would like.

Free Kit lm022712

A basket of Spring flowers and matching sunhat, just for you!  many more papers than shown, plus extra elements.  Enjoy yourself with this one.

26 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022612

Pretty pastels for your delicate things!  More papers than shown, as always.  The weather here is very humid and sticky, so we escaped to the beach this afternoon for fish and chips.  They were so nice I didn't even share with the seagulls!  But I will share this kit with you.

25 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022512

Is their a nicer aroma than fresh herbs from the garden?  Can you smell these?  Maybe scrap them instead.  More papers and frames than shown.

23 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022312

Another request, for elephants!  Hope this is what you wanted!  There are Lots more papers than shown, so enjoy.

22 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022212

Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere soon!  I made these pretty frames for you with matching papers and flowers.  They come from my blog background.  Enjoy them.

21 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022112

A dog's love is so unconditional isn't it?  We lost our dog last year, she was 14 yrs old.  We loved her as a family and she loved the whole family back.  Can't bring myself to get another pet yet.  Maybe soon.

This kit contains 12 papers, 3 frames and 5 elements.

20 February, 2012

Free Kit lm022012

I had a request for an African style kit.  I have been a bit slow with it, and I apologize.  Well here it is at last, and it has my granddaughter's favourite animal on it.  Hope this will do.  There are 16 papers, 7 frames and 6 elements.

17 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021712

My 8 year old granddaughter just loves horses.  She has riding lessons on a Saturday afternoon at a riding school close to home.  She always selects the biggest horse to ride.  His name is Marcus and he loves her too!  She looks like a little dot up on his back, but i think they both look forward to Saturdays.  This kit is for all the other horse lovers out there.  The pack contains 30 papers, 5 frames and 7 elements.

16 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021612

I have been experimenting with some stitched borders, see if you like them.  There are 24 papers, 9 elements and 9 frames.  Layer the borders and the frames to get the stitched effect shown here.

15 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021512

A dramatic and vibrant pack of pansies!  It contains 15 papers, 5 frames and 3 elements.  All the papers have a handpainted look and the frames all match.  I just adore bright colours, do you?

14 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021512

Usually I make twice as many papers than I use in the kits.  And I just delete the ones I don't select to include.  But today I have decided to let you choose which ones you want for yourself.  you can download each one of these packs separately.  They all go together and have been made from the paintings included.

12 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021312

Passion fruit flowers to spruce up your pages!  Pack contains 8 papers, 3 elements and 3 frames.  Just a small one today, after all it is Sunday - a day of rest!

11 February, 2012

Free Kit lm021112

Bold primary colours to go with my very favourite flower - the yellow rose!  This pack holds 12 papers, 5 elements and 6 frames.  Is it too bright for you?

10 February, 2012

Free Kit lm020912

Some of my favourite colours in this pack.  18 papers, 4 frames and 5 elements. Hope you have all had a good week and looking forward to the weekend!  I know I am.

07 February, 2012

Free Kit lm020712

Something for the young girls, pretty and pink!  More papers and frames than shown are included. Should suit your little girl photos.  I have four granddaughters so I can always do with girly things.

06 February, 2012

Free Kit lm020612

 A couple of very ornate frames to enhance some special photos. There are quite a few pretty papers in this collection, so even if you don't use the frames the papers are worth the download.

05 February, 2012

Free Kit lm020512

A traditional valentine kit with beautiful red roses - symbol of love.  The pack contains 21 papers, 6 frames and 8 elements.  It is a beautiful day here today, not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining on our world.  Probably the only day like this we will have for the rest of the month! More rain is on it's way, so we are informed.  All the while we have the rain, we don't have the bushfires!

04 February, 2012

Free Kit lm020412

Beautiful tulips especially for my friends in The Netherlands.  I know it must be fiercely cold for you right now, so maybe this will cheer you and remind you of Spring!  In this kit there are 32 papers, 3 frames and 9 elements.  Enjoy mixing and matching the papers!