26 March, 2013

Free Kit lm031313

This kit was inspired by one of my Mum's old brooches and a bracelet.  Enjoy it.

25 March, 2013

Free Kit lm031213

Wrought iron to compliment these beautiful flowers.  I wonder how you will use this kit.

24 March, 2013

21 March, 2013

Free Kit lm031013

Muted shades in the background papers highlight the lacy borders.

17 March, 2013

14 March, 2013

Free Kit lm032013

For Carolyn, who asked so nicely.  Hope this is what you had in mind!  Enjoy!

05 March, 2013

Free Kit lm030213

This one will wake you up!  Bright and sunny, so I hope you have the right photos for it.

Your comments are always appreciated

03 March, 2013

Free Kit lm030113

I think this one is pretty enough for a wedding or even a christening, it is not too bright!  Anyway you decide, and enjoy playing with it.  All these papers are hi resolution if you are printing an album or cards.

Please leave a comment to show your appreciation if you choose to download.  It makes it all worthwhile.

01 March, 2013

Free Kit lm022813

Romayne, from Belfast, sent me a background paper.  I have made a kit from it in her favourite colours of red and cream.  I hope she likes it.