29 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032912

A little bit wiggly, see how it works out!  The flower is appleblossom.  I fitted this one in bfore I packed.

28 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032812

Lovely old roses for you today, maybe my last kit before we pack for our trip to Ireland!  Have a Happy Easter and I will be back in 3 weeks.  Lots of papers and frames all mix and match and 300dpi.

27 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032712

My favourite yellow roses . . . again!  Lots more hi res papers than shown and frames as well.

25 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032512

Red and white lace!  Lots of hi res papers in this one.  You are always welcome to use these kits to make cards.

23 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032312

Wonderful, fragrant frangipani!  I have a tree in my front garden and it is just starting to flower, it is gorgeous.
This is a big kit for papers.  It has 36 hi res 300dpi papers and 5 elements, it would be perfect for photobooks.

20 March, 2012

Free Kit lm032012

I just love the colour of these roses!  Hope you enjoy working with them, I did.

19 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031912

I suppose you have all noticed how much I love flowers.  I am by no means an expert on them, I just love them and enjoy the pleasure of working with them.  Hope you enjoy them as well.

18 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031812

I am learning to play Lawn Bowls!  Some very kind and experienced and very very patient ladies and gentlemen are passing on to me some skills.  They have also taught me to stop and smell the roses!  Here are some roses for you to smell!

17 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031712

Pink satin and mother of pearl for your precious piccies!  Enjoy yourself.

15 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031512

I love funny old teapots, do you?  The papers are made from the picture of the teapot so should match perfectly.  Anyway see what you can do with the goodies contained in the kit.

14 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031412

Pink pearls and satin for the girls.  A quick kit today, but a kit none the less!

13 March, 2012

Scroll for Barb W

Barb W asked me for an antique scroll for her genealogy pages.  Best I could do, hope they will be suitable!  Enjoy!  

They are png files so just click to enlarge and right click to save.

12 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031312

Here is a contribution from Cindy, and her husband.  He built this train, isn't he clever!  Maybe Cindy can do some pages of her husband building his models to show us.  Thank you for sharing this photo.

Free Kit lm031212

Ages ago I asked visitors if they would like to send me one of their photos for me to make a kit from it.  Well, I know I have taken a long time, but here is the kit made from a photo taken and sent to me by Butterfly Sue from Florida.  If you click HERE you can visit her blog.  I was rather pleased with the result, what do you think? 

If anyone else would like to send a favourite photo, and they don't mind sharing, I can do the same for them.
If you would like the kit from Butterfly Sue's photo, then you can of course . . .

11 March, 2012

Free Kit lm031112

I have had a few requests for papers and frames that can be used to make photobooks.  Well, here is a bumper pack of fabric hi res papers and matching frames suitable for printing and recolouring.  Enjoy!

07 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030812

Maybe a bit dark?  Could be good for sepia photos or black and whites.  Try your hand at it!  It is a bit different anyway.  Sometimes we need that dramatic "something' and they are hard to find.  look no more!

06 March, 2012

50 years! WOW

I have recoloured the Silver Anniversary Kit below for Evelyn who has doubled the achievement!  Special wishes Evelyn!

Another Special Request

Somebody asked for an apple orchard kit.  Close as I could get, so see if this works for you.  I think I have now caught up with the requests.

05 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030612

This kit contains frames that match the papers and if you layer them, or mix and match, you will finish up with quite a collection.  Of course there are "surprises" as not all is shown here.

04 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030512

A pack of pretty pink papers for you today, of course there are more than shown.  It is Sunday here so I am resting!

03 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030412

I love butterflies and I love flowers, could you have guessed?  Enjoy the pretty flowers.

02 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030312

More Spring flowers for you all. Not too flowery for you?  Still raining here and we are all feeling like ducks!  The flooded area of NSW (our state) covers an area the size of France!  Our huge dam which is Sydney's water supply is full to capacity and the flood gates will open shortly causing more flooding.  The emergency services people are doing a marvellous job to keep people informed and safe.  Best wishes to all affected.

01 March, 2012

Free Kit lm030212

Something sunny to remind us it doesn't rain all the time!  We are safe from any flooding, but 80% of our state is threatened.  Thinking of all those affected and wishing them well.