16 January, 2015

Free Kit lm160115

Well it has been a long time!  Maybe I am a bit rusty . . . hope you like.

Direct Download Here 


Anonymous said...

It is great to see you back! No signs of rust at all, lol!
Thank you so much for the fabulous kits.
Ann from N.Z.

MammaMia said...

This one is so beautiful. I am glad you share it with us. Thank you so much.These wonderful colors I love them.
Thanks dear Lesley
Hugs MMr

Mats World said...

Oh so very happy to see you back scrapping, have missed your gorgeous work. Thanks a lot for all the lovely ones I just picked up. I haven't been on the computer much because of cataracts, but now they are fixed and back to 20/20 so am going strong, just happy to see you back making such fantastic flower arrangements in every color imaginable. THANK YOU! Hugs, Mat